July 01, 2010

Could you belive it:Price of rice per kg is 0.02 dollar

Increase in price of food commodities is hitting consumer pocket book and raising public turmoil in many parts of the world. As a part of surge in global food costs, the prices of rice have jumped to a huge mark through out the world. Billions of people around the world struggle to afford their staple food materials because of hike in prices. In contrast to high food prices, can you believe per kilo of rice is 0.02$(Indian rupees 1) .Rice is one of the staple food material for much of worlds population. It is one of the main staple food for southern states of India. In one of the southern state of India,Tamil Nadu, the government is providing rice to the people at the rate of one rupees approximately 0.02$ per kg. It is been provided for ration card holders :( A Ration Card is a document issued under an order or authority of the State Government, as per the Public Distribution System, for the purchase of essential commodities from fair price shops.) through public distribution system. Each family card holders is entitled to receive 20 kg of rice per month at the rate of Rupees 1 per kilogram. This scheme was launched by chief minister of the state for the welfare of poor people.
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