June 29, 2010

Japan Vs Paraguay One second misfortune:FIFA foot ball world cup 2010

Japan VS Paraguay:With all of the Asian teams like South Korea and North Korea made their early exit from FIFA foot ball world cup 2010, Japan one among the strongest teams of Asia kept  millions of Asian football fans hope and prayers alive until 29th July.But every thing lasted in one second misfortune.Undoubtedly it had broken millions of Asian foot ball fans heart and also it destroyed their hopes and prayers.It was just an ordinary match during the regular 90 minutes of play and until the end of 30 minutes extra time.High quality of defense from both Paraguay and Japan team prevented them from scoring goals during long and exhausting 120 minutes of play.Things absolutely changed after the 120th minute of play.When 2010 FIFA football world cups first penalty shoot out came in action,the ordinary match exactly changed in to an exciting and tensed match.Paraguay beautifully converted their all five penalty shoot chances in to goals.But Japans misfortune occurred when Yuichi Komano's powerful penalty shoot kick powerfully hitted the cross bar and failed to go inside which resulted in 5-3 win of Paraguay.Once again millions of Asian foot ball fans  prayers and hopes went in vain.Hope for the better luck next time.

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