July 03, 2010

Make your blog more attractive with free blog templates and free widgets

Creating a free blog is very easy.Maintaining a creative and attractive blog with more traffic is a difficult task.There are many free resources by which you can make your blog more pleasing to your readers.Here I would like to share some useful links which will help you to make your blog more creative.

Free blog Templates:To make your blog more attractive you need a good blog template.You can find websites which will provide you thousands of free templates with elegant backgrounds,styles and designs.These are some of the links where you can find more free blog templates.

Free Blog Widgets:Variety of widgets are there to make your blog more attractive and informative.Through these widgets you can display various aspects in your blog like current news,sports updates,related posts,blog stats etc.These are the links where you can find more free widgets for your blog.
Live cricket Score Widget:You can provide your readers with live cricket scores in your blog itself.

Finally if your blog have recent amount of visitors you can show few ads in your blog through advertising networks by which you can earn a decent amount of money.

More than all these kind of attractions you can make your blog more attractive by writing creative contents which will bring more readers.

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