June 22, 2010

Mobile School

In providing education to the children, different types of schools, such as kinder garden school, play school etc are very popular.Do you know about the new innovative school in  child education called 'Mobile School'.
Government of India  and Voluntary agencies are involved in more comprehensive steps to promote children education and to reduce the school drop outs.Mid day meal scheme, free education are some of the examples. To move one step forward Tirupur based  voluntary organization  in India introduced a new trend in children education called mobile school.

This mobile school functions in one bus, which is specially designed  for this purpose.The inner side of the bus is completely changed in to an ideal school class room like structure with all stationery's like black board,charts and books.Through this bus they carries education to localities where socially deprived and below poverty line children stays.Books and all stationery's were provided for free of cost.In addition to that, to stop the drop out, daily they were providing  diets like eggs,peas,bananas etc.
In order to increase the interest among students, with education they includes some activities like dances, games etc.Through this mobile school  until now they have provided education to more thousand students.Wish and pray for the growth of these kind of organizations to proceed with more innovations in helping the poor children education.
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