January 21, 2009

Still in the depth of havoc

I am the, crazy believer
Still, searching for the saviour

Faithful belief, in my God
Never he made me, to become sad

Inherited belief, in my family
Ever they loved me unruly

Dedicated belief, in my community
In back, it gave me the amenity

Truthful belief, in my friends
Gracefully they nurtured me with contents

Enchanted belief, in my money
It enriched me, with the life of luxury

Still, I'm in the depth of havoc's
With the hooks of, everlasting set backs

Being a believer, again why i need a rescuer... b'coz
Mischievously, i missed to believe in "myself" throughout my career


Dave King said...

I like this poem - not sure I couldanalyse why, but I like it!

Nioki said...

Emotional and inspiring...

L. Rochelle said...

What a good poem! As long as you believe in yourself enough to write like this, that's what matters.


ldlyndond816 said...

Love your poetic writing. Very Profound and moving. I will be looking forward to reading more! Hope we can become friends, at least electronically. H ave a great week.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Once again a very good poem. I can see that you see with a poets heart. Well done my friend.