January 18, 2009

Could you please explain

Could you please.....
Explain these.....
Scene's of my dreams....

Another planet, it seems
With pin drop silence, trees

Flowers replaced, the leaves
Which never obeyed, the breeze

Purple and snow white color, decorates the buds
With the presence of blue sky, as it's base

Bunches of flowers sheds, honey as drops
Because of the absence, of bees

I has been waiting in front, of that place
Without knowing the way, to the gate

Enticing voices echoed, in my ear's
With out the presence of any one, in my eyes

Day long I waited, in that place
But nobody came, for my sake

Could you please.. explain these..
Scenes of my dreams...


Nioki said...

This is an amazing poem - it means so much.
The verse 'Another planet, it seems
With pin drop silence, trees' is just amazing (:

GingerV said...

I very much enjoyed the poem
I will keep track of you as you go - good luck

Rick Rosenshein said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Keep up the great work on yours. Rick

James Jefferson King said...

Simply beautiful, thanks for sharing. God bless /the king

Carolina said...

I enjoyed your poetry.

OWW/Claire said...

Oh how could I help but love your poem! You so well touched the heart of nature as she goes from one season to the next...with the tree being her ideal symbol.

I'm happy to put you as a blog to follow...