January 25, 2009

Find the use of life

Pocket full of money
without the willingness to spend
Is there any use?

Heart full of love
without the mind to give
Is there any use?

Brain full of knowledge
without the guts to share
Is there any use?

Fist full of talents
without the courage to express
Is there any use?

Mind full of joy
without the time to enjoy
Is there any use?

Life full of treasure's
with the promptness to share,
express, spend, give and enjoy
Then, definitely you will find the use..


Beloved Dreamer said...

Hello friend, I enjoyed reading this poem very much. All I can say is how true how true. We all must stop, look,see and enjoy what God has given us.
Thanks for reading my work and following me. I will be back to read some more.


Reader Wil said...

I enjoyed reading your poem as well, like Beloved Dreamer! It's all very frightening that we let time and chances slip through our fingers like sand.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal. nice poem!

Marie Reed said...

You are quite talented! What a delightful blog:)

Lisa said...

I absolutly love your blog! Thank you for visiting mine as well. You put a smile on my face and in my heart. :o)


J.L.Hanson said...

I've always liked poetry, and I like it better when it REALLY MEANS SOMETHING. Thankyou for the kind words on my blog, I was feeling sory for myself a little that night. well I enjoyed you blog keep writing.


PreciseDisarray said...

I am grateful there are people such as yourself wanting to share your thoughts. This post, this blog of yours is serving as a point of reflection, and I thank you for that. Peace! ~carey