December 29, 2008

7 steps to solve your problems

Problems are the part of the human life. From birth to till death each and every individual in the universe were confronted with various kind of problems. Despite the fact, strategies used in solving the problem will vary from individual to individual or one group to another, hardly few among them, finds success in reaching the solutions. More often we notice, some will make their problems more worse, by trying the ineffective and complicated strategies. Comprehensive nature of problem solving strategies, makes an individual to approach the problem much easier. Reasoning and creative thinking are the two essentials which helps in formulating the strategies of problem solving.

Problem solving strategies.

  1. Identify the problem : Try to identify the problem or obstacles, when you aware about the presence of strange difficulties or situations, which is not confronted before.
  2. Comprehend the problem : Define the problem precisely. It is isolated, from other problems. Information should be gathered, to identify the exact cause of the problem. Remember the fact, having a detailed knowledge about the cause, might provide the clue to comprehend the extent and effects of the confronted problem.
  3. Simplify the problem : "Fine particles will be digested easily, rather than the complex one". Break the complex structure of the comprehended problem in to smaller units. Finally sum up the units in simplified form.
  4. Formulate plan of actions : List all the possible ways of solution, which suits to the simplified problem. Gather information from various reliable sources , which would provide you with, additional choices in finding the solutions.
  5. Evaluate the plan of actions : Try to give accurate and appropriate reason, for each listed plan of actions. In addition, mention the available resources that can be used in finding the solution.
  6. Determine the best plan of actions : Deliberately choose one best plan of action, that solves or seems to solve your problem effectively. Avoid choosing options. Having options, will dilute your effort, in selected plan of actions.
  7. Implement the best plan of action in to practice : Put in to practice the course of action you have chosen as the most apt or appropriate. Verify its aptness or rightness by the results or conclusions.

Some times the reasoning is correct. Yet the conclusion reached is wrong. This may be due to, inaccurate or inadequate facts collected during the process.

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