December 31, 2008

costless joys

Shall i share my joy

from my heart

which will not, come again

even for the cost of crore.

with nothing to care

i felt it as, nice to sleep

in the lap, of my mother.

with lot of fun's

it's sweet to hear

the tales, of my father.

with the bags and unending chats

it's cute to walk

to the school with my brother.

with smiles and cheer

it's our craze, to see

the action, of our pet brother.

with the seat in the floor

it's taste to eat

when we, sit together.

with out the hates

it's joke to fight, with them

which will not, go further.

with the addict, in my mind

it's pleasant to watch

the smile, of my cute lover.

as my age crossed

it's the time to share- all the joys

which will not come again

even for the cost crore.

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