December 29, 2008

Lazy man

See the fun, of the one

who seeks to shine, without strain

he is the son, of the don -who

does not see the sun, for his works to be done

staying in the slum, he waits for the chance to come

when it come, he becomes ruin

rarely he speaks to some, to get the bun

and behaves like the jane, who hates the men

he has the sum, for his future run

without the cling, which will make him pine

he blames the sin, which makes him spun

like the wing, of the running fan

Once he met the nun, at that time

he enquired the prime, cause of his shame

Laziness is the crime, pointed by the nun-

to that man, who is in the dusty bin

then he used the time, to sweat in the heat of the sun

which made him to turn, his life in to the shine...

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