June 26, 2010

Other Side of Our Attained Ambitions

What is an ambition? What are the ways to attain an ambition? All of these are traditional and comprehensively interpreted topics. Thousands of abstracts were published by great scholars regarding ambition.

An auspicious, delightful joy and rejoices will surround us with the attainment of our ambition. But if we look back at the paths in which we came through, the obstacles which we were crossed, in one or another corner we can notice the neglected and crushed souls.

With the eagerness to reach our ambition,we are fast and furious towards our goal. Certain situations will arise to check our quickness and curiousness in the form of obstacles.

Spontaneously we will react to that obstacles,either by crossing over it or by crushing it completely.Never we mind the nature or seriousness of that obstacles.

The other side of the obtained ambitions lies in these obstacles. Never it always mean that, these obstacles deserve it to be crushed or to be crossed or neglected.

These Obstacle’s might be another individuals step stone, who is striving hard to find his first step to move his life forward.Obviously by crushing or destroying our obstacles knowingly or unknowingly we are destroying  his first steps. In other words we are destroying or neglecting the basement of our co-individuals life line. It is true, but an unavoidable fact.

“In the song of  victorious rejoice, I hear thousands of innocent’s mourning voice”.
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