June 16, 2010


Needs are the mother of all innovations.In addition to that we must not forget, needs are the prime root cause of all fatal occurrences.By creation itself we were bounded with needs.To full fill our primary needs we humans mastered the innovations.Our mastery in innovations confronted us with secondary and tertiary needs.We are now been in a situation where our tertiary needs surpasses our basic needs.Here is where the disaster occurs.Human made modernization to full fill our basic needs, enforced us with more and more needs which became very essential to us.In the process of search for all our tertiary needs, totally we lost  control  of our some essential needs such as love and affection,security,peace,health and happiness.Until unless we restrict our tertiary needs,until unless we get self satisfied with our tertiary needs we are in danger of losing love and affection,security,relations,surroundings,peace,health and happiness.

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