June 07, 2010

Anger supression in Anger expression

Generations to generations , we humans express our anger in some unique ways, like shouting,hitting, causing physical damage and more.
Let it be the different story. A typical kind of anger expression is now very common. Revolution in mobile technology, privileged us with better communication. A maximum number of population is using mobiles for communication with their family and other purposes. More often we might come across with people who switch off  his or her mobile during strong argument with their counterpart.
Usually it happens among the person, who stays away from their family and dear ones , and in persons who make frequent calls  to their family and friends.The clear intention is to create some uneasiness, discomfort,irritation and panic to his or her counterpart by disrupting and rejecting his or her contact for a while.
Though it seems as irrational way of expressing anger it helps to suppress anger by allowing his or her to avoid the situation and rethink the situation.
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