February 16, 2009

Once in while

Once in a while
change your style
to lead your life
in a adventurous lane

Once in a while
spend your time
to find your name
in future tale

Once in a while
forget not to smile
to get the health
for improved life span

Once in a while
search for friends
to get in touch
throughout the world

Once in a while
check your steps
to correct your journey
in the appropriate path

Once in a while
play with the risk
to prove your strength
and spread your fame

Once in a while
remember these facts
to make your life
superbly intact...


orangepanda90 said...

This poem is so true. I need to start doing some of these things more often

Sweet Repose said...

Yes...once in a while we need to take charge and do what is right and take care of ourselves in the NOW, for a better tomorrow! Beautiful and though-provoking words!

Have a wonderful week!


Reader Wil said...

This poem can be used at any age! We all need to do something different.

Artist Unplugged said...

Good points in this poem, though I am a bit sensitive about trying new lanes right now.

Maham Khan said...

True! =)

Angelynn said...

Exactly! Thank you for your kind comment. It made my day! Have a great day.

Pisces said...

This talks abt me !!!!

Peace - Pisces

L. Rochelle said...

All very good sentiments..thank you.

Marie Reed said...

How in the world did you get those reaction check boxes down there?

OWW/Claire said...

Once again your insane mind has gifted the planet with your beautiful thoughts...thank you as always for your sharing. I have learned many times over that 'once in a while' is very good for the soul.


Rhi said...

this poem is so true. thanks for sharing.

Ribbon said...

Beautiful :-)

"We don't stop playing because we
grow old, we grow old because we stop playing"
George Bernard Shaw

Best wishes & thank you for your much appreciated visit

OWW/Claire said...

Justin...I have somehow removed the names and pictures of people that were following my blog...do you have any idea how I would restore them? I was clicking on the block/unblock button when it happened..I was just curious what that button was for. Hope you don't mind my asking for your advice...but I have been reading and reading and have no idea how to do this again.

Thank you for any help you or your followers may offer...


budh.aaah said...

Interesting stuff Justin, keep writing..stop by if you have some time to read mine..

Nerissa said...

right!..once in a while let's try to look at things in another perspective, the world would be a better place to live...

Brosreview said...

A very true poem!!!

Red Lips and Cigarette Sticks said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog, your poems are amazing! very talented!