July 20, 2010

A Youth Takes Bath in 1.5 Litres of Water

Water scarcity is one of the major global problems which threat all human beings. Various organizations were conducting campaigns and exhibitions to create awareness among the public, to stop wasting water. Recently an organization conducted an exhibition in Coimbatore to demonstrate rainwater harvesting to the public under the theme “Little drops make an ocean”. A youth named Govindraj became the center of attraction to the entire crowd in that exhibition by finishing his bath in just 1.5litres of water. The 26 year old Govindraj applied soap and shampoo twice in this 1.5 liters water bath.

This youth who is a shepherd from the village of severe water scarcity ended his school education in 5th standard itself.Daily he grazes his goats from early morning to evening 7pm covering the distance of nearly 30 km. Every day he carries food materials and small amount of water with him for drinking and all other purposes. After using the water for drinking and all other purposes at the end of the day he regularly takes bath with the remaining amount of water. Gradually he made it as a routine. That’s how he learned the habit of taking bath with limited amount of water. Through his limited water bath now he instructs the public to stop water wasting, in order to save our globe from severe water scarcity.

It might seems as an impossible and uncomfortable task for us to follow and accept such kind of bath for our well being, but it is possible for us to stop water wasting in all other ways to save our globe from water scarcity.

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