July 23, 2010

Worlds cheapest Laptop by Rate 35 $ only

India unveiled the low-cost computing device that is designed for students. The new computing device will cost only 1500 Indian Rupees approximately $35. The Central Government of India is providing 50 per cent subsidy on this computer to schools students of India. So, for school students it will cost Just Rs. 750.The computer, developed by a research team comprising IIT professors and experts from IISc, does not have a hard disc and uses Linux. But it has every function, which a normal computer has. After unveiling the worlds cheapest computer India’s Human resource development minister Mr.Kabil sibil elaborated its features .This touch screen device with 2GB of RAM has support for video web conferencing facility, multimedia content viewer, and computing capabilities such as Open Office, and internet browsing with flash plug-in, JavaScript. It also has wireless communication for Audio/Video, Cloud computing option, remote device management capability, multi-media input output interface option. Since there is no hard disc, the computers have lesser memory, but one can use add-on memories. One cool feature is support for a solar charged battery, which will definitely help India’s students from rural areas.It is expected to be introduced to Indian higher education institutions from 2011.
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