July 11, 2010

Intellectuals are made by Fools

Imagine the world without fools. Easily we might conclude world will be much better if there is no fools. Before concluding our self we must think about our world’s greatest innovations and achievements. Each achievements and innovations happens because some one in some way is been fooled by that innovation related matter prior to that innovations. When one Individual is been fooled in one situation, his co-individuals and surroundings were aware about that particular situation and they will perform and behave in a manner in which they are not being fooled by that similar situation or event. Such kind of awareness and planned performances will result in innovations and achievements. So we call those individuals as intellectuals in those situations. So called intellectual handled that situation differently because he is aware and cautious about the exact mistake made by the fooled person. If so called intellectuals could have been exposed to that situation prior to fooled person, he also might have been fooled by doing similar mistakes. All intellectuals learn from his and his co-individuals fooled experiences and they rectify the mistakes, which makes them to perform better. So behind the success of each intellectuals their must be one fooled person who helped the intellectual to aware about certain mistakes.

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