July 30, 2010

“Endhiran” The highest budget movie of Indian film industry.

Indian film industry is ready with its high budget film which is set to be released in the month of September 2010.Interestingly this high budget movie is not produced by Bollywood the largest and most popular industry of Indian cinema. It is coming out from Kollywood the Tamil film industry, which is the second largest and most popular industry of Indian cinema. This film has surpassed the budget of the Bollywood high budget film Blue (2009).

The movie is directed by Shankar, one of the most prominent and successful film director of India and it will be released under the production of Sun Pictures .The all time super star, style king and the highest paid actor of India Rajinikanth plays the leading role as the hero. Some other things which make “Endhiran” special are former Miss World, highest paid and prominent actress of India Aishwarya Rai Bachan plays the leading female role. Oscar winning music director A.R.Rehman has composed the songs and background music.
The first schedule of the film has started on 8th September 2008 at Peru following the locations of United states, Brazil,Goa, Himachal Pradesh and Chennai. The film is currently undergoing post-production work. It is expected to be released worldwide on September 3, 2010 along with its dubbed versions Robot in Hindi and in Telugu.This Tamil science fiction film Endhiran’s Audio songs will be released on 31st July in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with grant ceremony. “Think Audio” will be launching the audio of Endhiran as they have acquired the copy rights for a hopping amount of 7 crores (US$1.6 million).The fans of Mega super star Rajinikanth who lives in the heart of billions of people in and outside of India are eagerly waiting for Endhiran celebration from September 2010. Long live our super star.
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