July 05, 2010

India Bandh Costliest strike to reduce the cost.

In India the opposition parties called for a 12 hour nationwide bandh (strike) on 5th July to protest against the government’s decision to increase the fuel price. It partially disrupted the normal life of the people in most parts. Air, rail and road traffic in different States was disrupted. Though the intention of the strike is to show their protest against disruption of normal life caused by the increased fuel price, the strike itself disrupted the normal life of the ordinary people. More than any one, the impact of strike is very huge for daily wage earners, small traders and vendors. According to Times of India "The bandh is estimated to have cost the nation close to Rs 13,000 crore in terms of GDP loss,”. According to economic times “The nationwide bandh call to protest the fuel price rise not only crippled commercial activity in Gujarat, but has also resulted in an estimated Rs 500 crore loss in industrial production”. To be honest increased fuel costs will surely hit poor Indians. But this kind of protest might also give double trouble for poor people. Strike organizers must rethink before conducting this kind of costliest strikes to reduce the cost of commodities.
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