April 12, 2009

Yes I Can

yes i can
give my best
with out rest

yes i can
change my fate
to my taste

yes i can
spread my fame
with out shame

yes i can
win the race
in all place

yes i can
bet to dare
with out fear

yes i can
reach the height
beyond the sight

yes i can
get these desires
if i am sincere


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

You have a beautifully talented way with words. I do hope that you are sending these off somewhere for publishing consideration?
Take good care and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Komal said...

Nice one (:

Maham Khan said...

You played real well with the words.

"yes i can
spread my fame
with out shame"

I loved this one!


Ribbon said...

Lovely words.
Wishing you well and a better internet connection in the future.

best wishes Ribbon

Ribbon said...

yes you can :-)

best wishes

R. Ramesh said...

yes you can..and our wishes are also there with u..